Rules of Conduct


RCLS welcomes visitors and encourages them to use its resources. The Board also acknowledges the necessity to maintain an environment in which patrons and staff can be free from harassment, intimidation, threats to their safety and well-being and an environment which protects library resources and facilities from damage. These Rules of Conduct and related policies and procedures incorporate federal, state, and local laws which govern illegal behavior, the Library Bill of Rights (PM-103), the ALA Code of Ethics (PM-104), and the ALA’s guidelines for the development of policies and procedures regarding user behavior and library usage (PM-107). The Rules of Conduct are to be courteously and firmly enforced.

To provide safeguards against such behavior and damage to property, RCLS has adopted the following Rules of Conduct, which specifies the type of activities or behavior that is not permitted on library premises.

Class I Offenses

1. Behaving in any way that is disruptive to anyone’s use of the library.
2. Violating written Library policies, procedures, or guidelines.
3. Soliciting library patrons or staff for money, items, or services.
4. Eating in library facilities, except when and where permitted.
5. Loitering or sleeping.
6. Placing feet or legs on the furniture.
7. Dressing inappropriately for a public building including attire that does not sufficiently cover those parts of the body considered private; failing to wear shoes or a shirt inside a library building.
8. Emitting an offensive odor.
9. Using skates, skateboards and/or roller blades.
10. Using library materials, computers, and automated equipment for reasons other than their intended purpose.
11. Bringing animals or pets, other than clearly marked service animals.
12. Leaving children 12 years of age and under unsupervised or ignoring their disruptive behaviors.
13. Being in the library or leaving children in library facilities when facilities are closed to the public.
14. Misusing or inappropriate use of restrooms.
15. Bringing large items (including but not limited to packages, bags, or luggage) onto library premises that take up excessive space, without the prior approval of library personnel. Excessive space shall be defined as an item or group of items exceeding 2.5 ft. in length, or 2.5 ft. in width, or 2.5 ft. in height. EXCEPTION: Materials and/or equipment used in meetings, presentations, etc.
16. Leaving personal belongings unattended.

Class II Offenses

17. Making threats or engaging in any other abusive behavior.
18. Consuming or being under the influence of alcoholic beverages or illicit drugs.
19. Selling or attempting to sell alcohol or illicit drugs on library property.
20. Smoking, selling, or other uses of tobacco products and e-cigarettes.
21. Destroying or stealing property.
22. Possessing weapons of any type.
23. Partaking in indecent exposure or lewd sexual behavior.
24. Violating any other acts or conduct contrary to federal, state, and local laws.
25. Refusing to comply with library policies when informed by RCLS staff.
26. Any violation where law enforcement is involved will result in an extension of the earlier ban, including up to a permanent ban.