Reconsideration Policy as per PDF iconPM403 Reconsideration of Materials.pdf :

  • RCLS supports the Freedom to Read Statement (PM-105), the Freedom to View Statement (PM-106), and the Library Bill of Rights (PM-103).
  • RCLS supports the idea that the responsibility lies with the individual to choose appropriate reading or audiovisual material. In the case of patrons under the age of 18, this selection responsibility lies with the parent or legal guardian. Individual censorship may be exercised within the scope of the individual choosing materials for check out, but censorship or withholding of library materials for others within the community is not accepted within the institution of the public library. RCLS strives to provide the community with a diverse collection that reflects the needs and interests of the population. Selections are based on various guidelines, but especially based on popular demand from the community. In recognition of the diversity and breadth of the collection, it is the policy of the System to accept formal requests for the reconsideration of materials.
  • If a patron complaint is registered regarding any material in the RCLS collection, Form 403 Request for Reconsideration of Library Material is to be given to the patron. This completed form is reviewed by the Collection Development Coordinator (CDC) along with the material(s) in question (samples of the material or other representative documents will be used in the case of electronic/digital materials). The CDC shall act on the Request after an evaluation of the material's appropriateness within the collection, following the guidelines for general selection and withdrawal criteria. Copies of the completed form and a record of the CDC’s actions are kept on file in the library administration office. A challenge regarding material deemed objectionable by the challenger does not mandate the removal of the item from the collection if the item is deemed by the CDC after input by staff to have verifiable popularity within the collection and merit within the scope of the collection. All such challenges are to be decided upon with professionalism, courtesy, and respect for the views of the patron issuing the challenge.

If you wish to submit a Request for Reconsideration of Library Material, please complete the form and return it to the library location you've indicated on the request.