RCLS STEAM Kits, activities and books held in clear plastic backpacks, are ready to circulate
Thursday, November 12, 2020

Yes, the TEC has its own collection and they're ready for the public!  Twelve STEAM Kits have been cataloged and are available for check out.  STEAM is not a new concept, people from Leonardo Da Vinci to Vebjorn Sand have shown us the importance of combining science and art to make discoveries and enhance our world. 

The TEC has a small MakerSpace which is another way to explore the creative process: you need to tinker and design to understand how something could work. That’s why the A, for ART, is in STEAM!  These first 12 kits focus on Science, Engineering, and Technology (Coding) and have different age ranges. Each of our kits contains a game or project and a book to bolster those concepts.  The kits are a way to learn with interactive, hands-on play that’s fun for the whole family.

Future jobs will need employees who are skilled in multiple areas of expertise or at least appreciate how a range of skills fit together.  Our kits are an amazing resource and there’s no need to scramble together materials or even inspiration. Pick up one of our STEAM Kits at the TEC and discover a new kind of family time fun using just your library card!

STEAM Kits cannot transit to another branch for a hold at this time, they are available only at the Technology Engagement Center, 306 Minerva Drive, next to Hobgood Elementary School.