Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Do you know someone applying for Unemployment Insurance?

The Department of labor is very aware that their website is overwhelmed and they are scrambling to expand access.

  • Encourage people to access the site between 7PM and 7AM. These are the times when the site is the least busy.
  • There are no current deadlines for applying for unemployment. This will change in the future but they acknowledge that their website is stunned by the current need.
  •  You do not need a resume to apply. During the application process it encourages a resume and will help build a resume. Instead, we suggest that patrons use the most robust resume builder in TEL: Career Transitions or Testing & Education Reference Center and upload it to the website. This builds a stronger resume and helps decrease load on the DoL site.
  • Please do not send in information that is not specifically requested by someone at the Department of Labor. This is one of the few times when being an overachiever is not helpful.
  • If you were self-employed and are now out of work due to either the tornadoes or CoVid19, but can provide proof of income in 2019, you are encouraged to apply for unemployment. Although the system initially rejects the claim, these will be re-evaluated later.

Useful Links --

Free & Low Cost Internet Access!

A list of businesses offering free or reduced cost Internet access is here: List of TN Internet providers with free or reduced cost Internet access. Please locate businesses in your specific area and share that information with your communities.

Tennessee Talent Exchange

Many non-essential businesses have closed, creating other opportunities. For example, restaurants are off limits for many people leaving grocery stores and suppliers desperate for temporary help. If someone you know is looking for temporary help, share this link: