AARP at the Technology Engagement Center
Wednesday, January 27, 2021

AARP Foundation Tax-Aide – Providing tax assistance to those who need it most!    
 *** Please READ Carefully the Changes for this tax season:
1. Appointments only at Technology Engagement Center; you’re required to wear a face mask.
2. Call St. Clair Senior Center at 615-848-2550 to make appointments.
3. Appointments include: verifying your id, completion/review of Intake form, collection &
scanning of all necessary tax documents.
4. All IRS required documents for tax preparation must be available in hard copy at tax
appointment. See items #3-8 in What to Bring List for details.
5. Missing documents will require you to make another appointment and delay tax preparation
until all documents are available.
6. Tax prep will be done on site in most cases, while you wait in your vehicle. Upon
completion, you will be called back in to review and sign your return prior to e-filing. E-filing is
the safest, secure, and Free!
7. Tax-Aide season starts February 16 and runs through April 14, 2021.

What to Bring/What Returns AARP can do
1. Original Social Security cards or ITINs for everyone on the return – NO exceptions
2. Photo id for each spouse on the return
3. All income documents; W-2s, 1099s including Unemployment, Social Security, Retirement,
Dividends, Cash & Gambling income. To obtain W-2s go to www. for a non-
redacted copy.
4. Self Employed & Contract work – Bring income and expense records documents
5. Proof of expenses: Charitable contributions receipts, 1098-T, education expenses, child-
care, and dependent care expenses forms/documentation
6. Healthcare Form 1095 for Marketplace health insurance (replacement
at ) or a record of expenses for your Health Savings Account
7. Direct Deposit Information – the fastest, safest way to get your refund. Bring Bank routing
and account number as it appears on a personal check or prepaid debit card
8. Bring your EIP/Stimulus documents received in 2020 (non-taxable) and previous year’s
9. Household income limit is $72,000 for 2020 tax year.
10. We do NOT prepare taxes for state taxes, rental, farm, or minister income, or self-
employment with loss or inventory income. Other less common limitations apply per IRS
regulations. See the self-preparation links above as an option.