We check patron requests regularly and typically fill most that apply to our collection. If a request is purchased, we will automatically put the item on hold for you under your account. You can check your online account regularly to check the status of whether the item was added to the collection and placed on hold for you. If you request an e-book or e-audio format, the collection development coordinator will e-mail you letting you know if the item was added to our READS database. If a requested purchase has a publication date of more than 4 months from the current date, an automatic hold on the item is not guaranteed and you should check frequently for the addition of the item.

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New Book AlertsNew Book Alerts is a free online service that showcases the newest titles purchased by your library. You can select to receive alerts via email and/or RSS feeds. If you see a new title that your interested in, just click "check catalog" to place a hold on the item right away. 



We appreciate your interest in adding your work to our collection. It is our goal to incorporate books and media into our collection that represent both local interest topics and local authors. Local authors are welcome to donate a copy to the library. The Collection Development Coordinator will determine whether the book will be cataloged as part of our collection or be added as a Local Author Honor Book.