Welcome to Who's Got Popcorn? MGL's Movie Club. This is a film club to provide movie lovers with a space to discuss a range of movies from different genres. Every month we will discuss the movie most members voted for on.  These movies will be selected from the top 100 list on Rotten Tomatoes for that genre. Sit back, enjoy the movies and join the discussion! All movies chosen are available for checkout as well as major streaming services. THIS PROGRAM IS VIRTUAL. 

November's genre is Drama and the Movie Selection is Marriage Story. 

Rules for being a member are simple:
1. Watch the movie before attending the club meeting.
2. Please keep the tone of the conversation respectful at all times.
3. Members must be 18+ due to some of the movie ratings.

MGL reserves the right to bar anyone who does not adhere to these guidelines. 


Link to join: