Come meet Local Author J. L. Burrows on Satuday, November 6 and get your signed copy of her book Hunted by Darkness.


J. L. Burrows just launched her debut novel Hunted by Darkness, a YA Christian Contemporary Fantasy novel. She's been in various aspects of ministry for most of her life. She has been writing about the connection of God's love to human conflict for over twenty years. 

She has been married for nineteen years. She has taught in different aspects of public education for fifteen years, has three degrees, and has two children all of which play a vital role in the life stories and lessons she writes about. Her passion for helping people in all aspects of conflict flows through in the expertly woven stories and articles she writes. 

The commitment of her life and writing is sharing the power of Christ’s love and its impact on people in various stages of life’s battles.

Learn more about  Jennifer Lynn Burrows and the things she’s written on, join her For More Fantasy group for special treats, and find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.