Local Author, Charlene Potterbaum, invites you to meet her for a conversation and to get your signed copy of her book titles The Joy of Six and Granny and the Gay Guy. Charlene's humorous and inspirational humor and charming revelations will delight most readers.

Charlene Potterbaum is the best-selling author of Thanks Lord, I Needed That! Make sure to mark your calendar to meet Charlene at Smyrna Public Library on Saturday, December 4, 2021.

Short Bio for Char Potterbaum...
The die was cast when we were given the choice to either help build a little village on the ping pong table, or--write a story about someone who might have lived in the era of the 1800s. I chose to write a story, but since we are talking "Fourth Grade"--I'd never written a story before! So every sentence became a miracle to me, as I saw (and wrote about) a little girl I named Belinda--I could make her any shape I wanted her to have, and she could only say what I wrote out for her--but I was totally mesmerized with the whole process and from that moment on, I KNEW I was going to write books, someday!
    What I didn't know at that time, was that I needed to have my six children first to provide the 'fodder' to write about! But from the time any of them could talk, I started saving notes of their antics--I'd scratch things out on Mcdonald's napkins, backs of meat wrappers, and sometimes even toilet paper, rather than lose the gems they were spewing my way!
     But these are a few of the "High Points" of my life--first, being freed from the tension that creates an alcoholic home by marrying the guy of my dreams--having six incredible kids, coming up with a "Best Seller" in the 1980s--being carried ten feet by the Angels when I broke my leg in three places--being featured on TN Crossroads and being still in my 'right mind' even though I am in my 90th year! I have been SO BLESSED!