Linebaugh Public Library is proud to host The Rutherford County Master Gardeners for a series of classes via podcast. The latest podcast will be posted the first Saturday of each month, beginning with March 6, at 9 a.m. on this calendar and our social media pages. The podcast will include a downloadable pdf as well for your use. Click HERE for the latest podcast and downloads.

Here are the topics for 2021:

March 6: Vegetable Gardening: Planning and Prep. Where to place a garden, in ground vs. raised beds vs. containers. Sunlight, starting seeds, cool vs. warm season veggies.

April 10: Cut Flower Garden. Annuals vs. perennials, types of flowers for a cutting garden, seasonal options for pollinators, color options.

May 1: Container Gardens and Raised Beds; Composting. What to plant in your beds and containers and why it works so well--making your own compost to support your plants/beds.

June 5: Sun versus Shade Gardening. What to plant in sun; what grows best in shade; USDA zones and what they mean; hours of sunlight defined; plant suggestions.

July 10 (Notice Date Change): Tomatoes. Different types of tomatoes for different purposes (Roma, cherry, slicing). Determinate vs. indeterminate, hybrid vs. heirloom, fertilizing.

August 7: Vegetable Garden Transition. Summer to fall -- transitioning to cool season crops, what to do with summer plants now (compost or not), early fall crops and later winter crops.

September 11 (Notice Date Change): Houseplants. When to bring inside for winter, how often to water in winter, sunlight levels, propagation.

October 2: Soils. Different types of soil, when to improve your soil and with what (raised beds or containers mix), how to do a soil test.

November 6: Becoming a Master Gardener Open House. Learn about the Master Gardener program; Certified Master Gardeners will talk about what it means to be a Master Gardener and how to apply.