Linebaugh Public Library is proud to host The Rutherford County Master Gardeners for a series of classes. The classes are the first Saturday of each month, beginning with February 1, at 9 a.m. in the library Board Room on the 2nd floor. Each class is free and open to the public. Registration is appreciated either online or by visiting the front desk at Linebaugh. 

Here are the topics for 2020:

February 1: Planting and Pruning: Trees and Shrubs. Site selection (sunlight, water, barriers). How to dig the hole, watering, proper pruning cuts.

March 7: Vegetable Gardening: Planning and Prep. Where to place a garden, in ground vs. raised beds vs. containers. Sunlight, starting seeds, cool vs. warm season veggies.

April 4: Cut Flower Garden. Annuals vs. perennials, types of flowers for a cutting garden, seasonal options for pollinators, color options.

May 2: Herbs and Container Gardens. Soil mix, different herbs that grow well here, discussing planting in containers for those that spread, harvesting herbs.

June 6: Sun versus Shade Gardening. What to plant in sun versus shade, USDA zones, hours of sunlight, plant suggestions.

July 11 (Notice Date Change): Tomatoes. Different types of tomatoes for different purposes (Roma, cherry, slicing). Determinate vs. indeterminate, hybrid vs. heirloom, fertilizing.

August 1: Vegetable Garden Transition. Summer to fall -- transitioning to cool season crops, what to do with summer plants now (compost or not), early fall crops and later winter crops.

September 5: Houseplants. When to bring inside for winter, how often to water in winter, sunlight levels, propagation.

October 3: Soils. Different types of soil, when to improve your soil and with what (raised beds or containers mix), how to do a soil test.

November 7: Becoming a Master Gardener Open House. Learn about the Master Gardener program and have a chance to talk to certified Master Gardeners and complete an application.

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