Linebaugh Public Library is pleased to host Master Food Volunteers of Rutherford County for a series of classes on food and food preparation. The classes will occur in the Linebaugh Club Room on the 1st floor, the second Saturday of each month (excluding April) at 10 a.m.

The Master Food Volunteers of Rutherford County is a group of Extension Family and Consumer Sciences helpers who educate our communities about healthy food skills such as planning meals, shopping, cooking, and safe food handling.

  • January 12: Cooking for One or Two, Soups -- Chill out by freezing foods. Recipes will be shared with steps to make this easy while considering food safety.
  • February  9 : Smoothies -- Fresh or frozen fruits and veggies can become a quick, easy meal or snack.  Try one of our recipes to try or create your own!
  • March 9: Fresh, Frozen, Canned  -- What matters is that you are eating vegetables every day.  Recipes shared.
  • May 11: Move...It Matters -- At home, at work, at play, have fun while being active. Movement matters to have more energy, sleep better, control weight and improve your mood.
  • June 8: Water -- The choice is clear, water is essential for life.  Ideas for keeping hydrated will be shared too.
  • July 13: Farmers’ Market Fresh -- Learn how to select, prepare and store locally grown, in season fruits and vegetables.

These classes are free and open to the public.