Linebaugh Public Library is pleased to host local author Lucas de Brito for a book signing on Friday, July 16, from 12 p.m. until 3 p.m. The author will be signing and selling copies of his book Money Moves, published in July 2020.

Designed for those just starting out and for those who have not been winning with their finances, Money Moves will quickly get you organized and focused on improving your financial condition. Are you a recent grad, newlywed, brand new parent, or perhaps just now waking up to the importance of money management? Money Moves will teach you how to immediately automate your budgeting, measure your financial health with key financial indicators, get out of debt, insure your assets, create a protective money shield against bad events, motivate you to start investing for retirement, and develop a long-term mindset for success. Money Moves is fast, educational, and practical so you see results sooner rather than later.

A first-generation American, Lucas paid off $33,000 in student debt while in his twenties. He accomplished this milestone in less than 18 months after graduate school at the end of the Great Recession. Lucas immigrated to the United States at the young age of 17 and learned how to win with his finances through a combination of his educational background in business and his research on the topic. Lucas developed a practical framework to get out of debt, and then thrive financially regardless of economic conditions. This book captures his learnings and teachings on how the average person can start winning with money and achieve financial security.