Aaron Kaufman is an experienced photographer who has also worked as a speech-language pathologist/ speech therapist for 13 years. During that time, he has worked primarily with individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities. After a coworker told him that family pictures with her son with autism were challenging because photographers often didn’t have the patience to work with him or know the best ways to get his attention for great photos, Aaron decided that using his experience in one career could greatly assist with the other.  He will be offering free photo sessions at Linebaugh Public Library for individuals with disabilities and families with individuals with disabilities. Sessions will be 15 minutes in length and photos will be delivered digitally. Please contact him at aaronkaufmanphotography@gmail.com for requests and information to help make the photo session best for you and your family. Using that information, he is happy to have picture schedules prepared to outline the events of the session, as well as picture choices available on a tablet, and he encourages you to bring any props/motivating items. He is happy to tailor the session to your needs and hopes this is an experience that will allow you to have some of your best moments saved.   You can look at his work at aaronkaufmanphotography.com.   

Photo sessions must be reserved in advance. Please contact Aaron at aaronkaufmanphotography@gmail.com to schedule your fifteen minute session on Saturday, November 16, in the Linebaugh Club Room on the first floor.