D&D Club is a free MGL Library program for the public ages 13 and up. Dungeons and Dragons (D&D): one of the most popular and famous tabletop roleplaying games. Members will go on adventures, fight monsters, discover treasure and explore a mystical world. All levels of expertise are welcome! 


All members must follow the group rules to stay in the campaign:


  1. Everything must be kept PG-13; this is a library club, and the interactions relating to the club have to reflect that. No cursing or sexual content allowed whatsoever.

  2. You must respect provided materials. You also must reimburse the club upon destruction of its property or any library property. Failure to do this can lead to permanent expulsion from the club.

  3. You must politely listen to and follow all instructions given by the Club Officers and Club Advisor.

  4. Respect others: if you have a discrepancy, ask a Club Officer for their opinion, and they will work with you to resolve the conflict. We will not tolerate hateful speech of any sorts here at the D&D club; racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise hurtful statements can lead to permanent expulsion from the club.

  5. Be open and supportive of every player. Listen and be patient with each person’s turn and have a good attitude towards each other. Being supportive can look like waiting to speak when someone else is speaking, encouraging each other during and after the session, and being flexible with your D&D party’s interests and personalities.