A learning events, where we have a professional come in and present various platforms, languages, or techniques in the developing world.

This Month's Title: Arcane PHP Microframework

Speaker: Joshua Britt

Arcane is unconventional, but beautifully intuitive. It aims to make simple web prototyping or developing even faster by automating the features you want while making it easier to apply the ones you need. Arcane was designed to keep things as easy and minimal as possible, making it perfect for beginners and designers. This is not a full featured framework and instead was created to provide a fast and flexible solution for building small web projects with little to zero setup time. Together, we will use Arcane to build a simple website that highlights each framework feature. If you would like to follow along, all you will need is to make sure you have PHP 7.0 or greater running on your computer/server. For those who need help with this, I will be available 30 minutes before the presentation.