Linebaugh Public Library is pleased to host several local authors for a book signing on Thursday, April 8, from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. Table Talks and Dashboard Conversations was a joint project co-written by Michael DeLeon, Shaina Marie Afful, and Darla DeLeon, and published by Heron Publishing in January 2020. The other author joining them is Welland Andrus, who wrote How Bulimia Saved My Soul, published by Trilogy Christian Publishing in September 2020.

The goal of Table Talks and Dashboard Conversations is for parents to have five meaningful conversations a week with their children in a distraction-free zone. The book provides over 365, three-minute conversations to deepen parent/guardian-child connections. It gives children a true perspective regarding: drugs and addiction, sex education, relationships/ friendships, goal setting, defining who they are and who they want to become in life, as well as, treating others with respect and how to take a stand when they witness or encounter bullying. There are also ninety-six family field trip ideas.

Darla DeLeon holds dual bachelor degrees in Marriage and Family Therapy and Psychology. As the child of an alcoholic, Darla understands the effects of substance abuse on the family. She is a recovery coach and likes helping others elevate out of their circumstance to live a better life after trauma. She says that the importance of having open lines of communication within the family is the key to instilling trust between parent and child and fostering lifelong stable relationships.

In How Bulimia Saved My Soul, Welland Andrus, a recovered bulimic himself, tells the story of Larry, a high school senior, who is excited about his upcoming graduation and prom. But when his life makes a sudden turn, everything crumbles, and he finds himself with a source of coping—bulimia. As his addiction snowballs into something dangerous, instead of enjoying his senior year, Larry finds himself in an eating disorder treatment program, hours away from home, where he must turn to his new friends, family, and the Lord to overcome it.

Welland Andrus is an accomplished 22 year-old Christian author and a public speaker. How Bulimia Saved My Soul features his personal testimony on God’s deliverance through Jesus in our lives. His story, told through his character Larry, is a compelling journey from despair to salvation that explores the hardships of bulimia. How Bulimia Saved My Soul is the first Christian fiction novel in the “eating disorder” genre.